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Drop the Hammer on Bad Managers!

Today I'm pleased to share Part 2 of a three-part series co-authored with Peter Haid of E Source.

In Part 1, Peter wrote about revisiting your corporate engagement initiatives to identify areas of improvement and to ensure that you have buy-in across the board for any change initiatives.

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It's Time for Your Annual #CX Spring Cleaning

It's already May. Have you done any customer experience spring cleaning in your company?

Ah, spring... a time of new beginnings, a time for spring cleaning. What is spring cleaning, you ask? It is a much-celebrated occasion every spring during which we do a thorough cleaning of our households: out with the old, in with the new, in preparation for an exciting new year, summer, and more.

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A Culture of Distrust

What does a culture of distrust look like?

I've written a lot about trust in my blog over the last several years, much of it devoted to how it relates to the customer experience and customer relationships; there have been a few posts about trust and the employee experience, as well. But I think it's time to punctuate this latter thought.

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What's the Cost of Listening to Customers?

What's the cost of listening to customers?

Someone asked me recently about the percentage of revenue that customer-focused companies spend on their VOC initiatives. Although they wanted some guidance on what to spend on a VOC solution, I thought it was a fair question but one for which I don't have the answer. That didn't bother me much because I do have an answer, just not the one he was looking for.

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Employee Empowerment

Are your employees empowered to do what's right for your customers?

I know some people think "employee empowerment" is an over-used phrase. I think there's some good in that term, and I'm not quite convinced that it's over-used. Perhaps it's over-used in the sense that it becomes meaningless when we just carry on about how employees should be empowered, but then we don't really know what it means or why.

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CEM Toolbox: Empathy, Journey Mapping, and the Platinum Rule

Got empathy?

There's been a lot of talk this year about empathy and the customer experience; Bruce Temkin even advocates for making 2014 the Year of Empathy.

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What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Do you only communicate with customers when you want something?

It's primary election season here in the States, and I was just reminded of California's impending primary election when I got our election booklet in the mail last week. Along with that, I also received several pieces of marketing ("vote for me") literature from some of the candidates in my district.

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You've Achieved #CX Greatness. What's Next?

Can customer experience leaders fall from grace? How can they maintain their greatness?

Last fall, Sarah Hines wrote a blog post that posed the question: Is there such a thing as a customer experience ceiling? What happens when companies are receiving awards for customer experience? How do they take it to the next level? Is there a next level?

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Do You Know Who Your Customers Are?

Do you really know who your customers are? Do you take a 30,000-foot view or a more granular, zoomed-in view in understanding and describing them?

I did several workshops this week on personas and journey mapping. The two are intimately intermingled, and that's an important point to remember.

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CEM Toolbox: Taking Action

What's the next step? How do we put everything we've heard and learned to good use?

This is the last post for my CEM Toolbox series about tools for the CX Framework. In this post, I write about some of the tools you'll need in order to execute. It's time to put it all to work and to determine your relative level of progress and success over time.

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