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Are We There Yet?

Nothing brings a nice, relaxing vacation to a screeching halt like a crappy return flight experience. Are we there yet?

I recently wrote a blog about my booking experience for some summer travel with my two boys. We finally took that trip, and the travel, for the most part, was much less painful than that booking experience. But, let's not get too excited! You can always count on the airlines for some customer experience "don'ts!"

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Building the Button to Nowhere

Have you ever heard of the Bridge to Nowhere? I think most of us have; if you haven't, you will momentarily.

I recently discovered the Button to Nowhere. Have you ever had this happen while using a software platform or a mobile app: You click on a button that seems clearly and intuitively labeled, fully expecting it to do one thing and, instead, it did something else?

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Planning for a Successful Customer Experience Journey

This post was originally published as a guest post on Jim Tincher's Heart of the Customer blog. I have updated it for this repost. As we close out the summer of 2012 travel season, I thought this was a fitting time to share this whimsical post on planning your Customer Experience Journey.

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The Greatest Customer Experience on Earth

Are there customer experience lessons to be learned from the circus?

Yes, the circus, of all places!

I took my kids to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (aka The Greatest Show on Earth) over the weekend at the Honda Center. The boys are about the age that I was when my parents took my siblings and me to the circus.

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More Customer Experience Lessons from the Olympics

Can you handle one more post about the many lessons learned from the Olympics?

Personally, I love it. I'm glad that so many people are inspired by the athletes; the discipline needed to qualify, compete, and achieve their goals; their performances, and the Olympics overall.

Here's my final contribution to lessons learned from the Olympics. It is by no means an exhaustive list.

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20 Signs That It's Time for a VOC Redesign

I recently met with a company that has been a client of ours for the last five or six years. During that time, there have been personnel changes on our team and on theirs. As a matter of fact, none of the original players on either side is involved any more. As we talked through our account review, it became painfully obvious that it was time to scrap what had been designed long ago and start over. It's time for a refresh.

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Lewis and Clark and the Customer Experience Journey

"Lewis and Clark?"

Yup. Sometimes I come across old notes or things that I've saved, and I get inspired by them all over again, especially as I think of new and fresh topics to blog about relative to employee and customer experiences.

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Exit Interviews? Why Not Do Stay Interviews?

Here's an interesting thought: Why do companies conduct exit interviews when employees leave, but they don't conduct stay interviews to understand why employees stay?

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Truly Human Leadership - Everyone Matters

I recently stumbled upon a TedxScottAFB talk titled Truly Human Leadership, which was given by Bob Chapman, chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc.

If you don't have 22 minutes to watch the video of the talk, I've recapped the highlights here;

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Baseball Stats and CX Metrics (No, It's Not a Moneyball Story!)

The other night, I was reading my local version of the Auto Club's Westways magazine. One of the articles was an interview with the Angels' new player, Albert Pujols. What could Albert Pujols possibly say that would drive me to write this post? Oh, you know me by now. I can find a good CX story in pretty much anything! Well, his comments really struck a chord and are a great reminder of what all too many who measure employee and customer satisfaction end up doing: focusing on the score.

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