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CX Journey Lessons from Christopher Columbus

What can we learn about the CX Journey from Christopher Columbus' journeys?

Yesterday was Columbus Day in the U.S., a holiday that honors Italian sailor and navigator Christopher Columbus and commemorates his discovery of the New World (Western Hemisphere). The journey to the New World wasn't his first journey, but it was the one that opened up lasting contact for Europeans with the Americas.

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Customer Service or Customer Experience?

Customer service or customer experience? Are they the same thing?

There's been a lot of talk about whether marketing and customer experience are one and the same or if they replace each other - you know, "Customer experience is the new marketing." Well, I have a bone to pick with that one, but this post is about yet another debate - one that I've written about before, and one that we should continue to define and discuss: the difference between customer service and customer experience.

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VOC: Shifting from Asking to Listening

What is your VOC approach? Are you listening to customers, or still/only asking?

As part of the CX Day celebration earlier this week, I moderated two Google Hangouts, one for Australia and one for the Pacific Time Zone. In the former, we discussed the state of customer experience in Australia, while in the latter, our topic was the shift in VOC efforts, from asking to listening.

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If a Tree Falls in the Forest...

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

We've all heard that saying, right? Or perhaps you've heard the modern version: If a tree falls in the forest and no one tweets about it, did it really happen?

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The Leaky Bucket Syndrome

What happens when companies spend huge sums of (marketing) dollars on customer acquisition when they can't even keep the customers they have because their products, services, and experience stink?

I don't know (OK, I do know), but I think Pizza Hut UK is about to find out.

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The Butterfly Effect

Is the Butterfly Effect the antidote to the Broken Windows Theory?

Last week, I wrote about the Broken Windows Theory; in effect, it means that an environment that is not maintained (hence, filled with minor crimes, like broken windows) sends a signal that it is not monitored, which, in turn, leads to the occurrence of larger offenses or issues because no one is watching.

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Companies Take Note: Don't Remove Human Touch, Please!

Human touch trumps technology!
On the heels of my post a couple weeks ago about humans vs. technology in delivering a great customer experience, I thought I'd share some human touch articles of late. Several were shared with me as a result of that post, but I found a few others along the way.

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What Makes It the Greatest Customer Experience on Earth?

Do you know what comprises the greatest customer experience on earth? I do. I've seen it twice!
"What? What are you talking about, Annette? Have you been keeping secrets from us?"
Au contraire, mon frere/cher.
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Nostalgia: Creating Memories or Making Noise?

Nothing is more synonymous with summer than ice cream! And that means ice cream trucks and that wonderful jingle that lets us know that the ice cream truck is on its way or has arrived. 
In the last week or so, in Long Beach, CA, residents have been complaining that the lovely jingle of summer is a nuisance. And so the City Council has listened to its constituents and is threatening to silence the trucks - not for good, though they will likely be placing restrictions on when or how long the music can be played.

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Hey, Laaaaady!

What is a touchpoint? And why am I asking that now?
Well, you know by now that I tend to have a story or a situation almost every week that inspires me to write a blog post. Today is no different.
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