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The 6th Sense of Customer Experience, Part 2

There are three ways that the sixth sense can be used in designing and delivering a great customer experience. What are they?

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The 6th Sense of Customer Experience, Part 1

A couple months ago, I wrote a post called The 15 Senses of a Great Customer Experience. The last of the 15 senses that I wrote about was the sixth sense: It doesn't hurt to be able to perceive those things that are not seen or immediately apparent. That intuition is something that will allow you to delight your customers.

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Tools to Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience

Do you know what Amazement is?

A couple months ago, Shep Hyken sent me his latest book, Amaze Every Customer Every Time: 52 Tools for Delivering the Most Amazing Customer Service on the Planet. I'm making my way through some great books on my bookshelf, and today I'll share some amazing tools and learnings from Shep's book.

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Talk to Your Customers!

Are you listening to your customers and really, really hearing what they're telling you? 

Don't think that's important? Then be sure to read all the way to the end of this post - the proof is in the pudding!

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Do You Have a 12th Man Advantage?

Does your company have a 12th man advantage?

On the heels of Super Bowl XLVIII, I think we're all now familiar with the term "12th Man." In case you unplugged or tuned out for the last 72 hours, here's how it's defined on Wikipedia:

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Journeys, Not Touchpoints

I named this blog CX Journey™ for a reason - to convey that the the customer experience is just that, a journey.

What does that mean? It means that, while it's important to look at the individual touchpoints, moments of truth, interactions, channels, etc., it's more important to remember the whole journey, the entire experience that the customer has with your brand or organization as he's trying to do whatever job it is he's trying to do.

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An Interview With Denise Lee Yohn, Author of WHAT GREAT BRANDS DO

Do you know what great brands do? 

I first met Denise Lee Yohn in person when she spoke at the inaugural CXPA SoCal Local Networking Event in the fall of 2012. She spoke about good brands and great brands, and likened the difference between the two to the difference between failure and success. Great brands reap so many benefits, including: increased sales, higher profit margins, lower costs, greater customer loyalty, and higher market valuation.

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Transparency Leads to Well-Informed Participation

Does your company operate with a culture of transparency? How transparent are your executives with employees, customers, shareholders? 

There's a quote on Wikipedia that reads: For well-informed participation to occur, it is argued that some version of transparency, e.g. radical transparency, is necessary, but not sufficient. It's unattributed, but I've seen it a few times.

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Your Customer Experience Is Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

Where are you on your customer experience (CX) journey? Well down the path? Just starting? Dreaming of the days when "customer experience" will become a conversation topic, never mind a priority? 

Regardless of where you are, I believe a customer journey map is in your future. If you've never created one or have never even heard of one (your name wouldn't happen to be Barney Rubble, would it?), then some basics are in order.

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Customer Experience Optimization Is a Round Trip

Today I'm pleased to present a guest post from Sarah Simon.

This post marks another installment in Sarah's series on lessons from the high country.

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