Operationalizing Your Customer Data

Critical to improving the customer experience is listening to customers and incorporating their data and their feedback into your transformation strategy. Data-driven decisions are key to customer experience transformation success.

There are many different customer listening posts and equally as many sources of customer data. Let’s start with some examples of listening posts, which provide not only performance data but also demographic, psychographic, diagnostic, and competitive benchmarks data:

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10 Ways to Socialize Customer Insights

With whom and how do you socialize customer insights?

You’re listening to customers. You’re combining their feedback with those bread crumbs of data that they leave with every transaction and interaction with your brand. You’ve developed customer personas to better understand who they are, what problems they are trying to solve, and what jobs they need to get done. You’ve mapped their journeys to understand their experience today and their expectations for a better experience tomorrow.

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Tips for Designing a Closed-Loop Feedback Process

Do you close the loop with customers after they provide feedback?
Many companies listen to customers, but a big chunk of these companies don't do anything with the feedback or follow up with customers about what they heard. What a shame! What a huge missed opportunity!
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A Customer State Vector? Great Idea – for Customer Experiences

Last week I had a very interesting briefing with my friends from the SAS Institute (disclaimer: not a client. I know, too short – but this is supposed to be a short post).

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10 Tweetable Lessons in Marketing Analytics and ROI

Recently, I’ve been traveling the country, meeting with over 70 marketing executives to discuss best practices in marketing analytics and measuring and improving marketing ROI. Helping me lead these discussions is Jim Lenskold, president of the Lenskold Group and someone I’ve long admired as a thought leader in the space.

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The Most Abused Word In Marketing

The most abused word in marketing? It’s not “free”, “new”, or “improved” — it’s ANALYTICS.

MarketingProfs ran an article recently that contained the following sentence (Here’s a link to an article about the article. The original article requires registration, and, c’mon, whose got time for that? Not me, I have better things to waste my time on. Like this blog, for example):

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You Call That Analytics?

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