Customer Experience: Is Amazon Going Downhill?

My Good-ish Experience

I rented some movies so that I could watch them over the Christmas break. This didn’t work out with two movies. In the midst of watching these issues cropped up. And the screen advised me to contact Amazon Customer Support. So I did.

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Why Amazon Wins | Innovate the Core, Innovate to Transform

Take a look at your organization’s innovation projects. Are you strategically balancing your efforts between the core business and future growth areas?

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Amazon Mayday - Is This the Future of Providing Just in Time Help

This is the first time I have seen the use of video to provide just in time help.

I can well see in the longer term this could have a lot of benefits for IT users with limited skills. In the short term I would think it will be mainly used by the tech literate.

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Why There Is No Amazon of Banking

According to a recent American Banker article titled Amazon Becomes Retail Bank Role Model:

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Amazon: Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company?

Does Amazon deserve the label of ‘Earth’s most customer-centric company’? Before I answer that question, allow me to tell you a little story about a well-known telecommunications company, one whose official strategy was to become customer-centric.

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The Company That Uses Amazon Reviews for New Product Development

Guest Post by: Chris Holmes

Last week I read a fascinating article on Fast Company about C&A Marketing. The company sells a diverse range of products – from speakers to egg timers – and they’re growing at a fantastic rate, citing figures of 30% per year. But how can they have achieved such impressive growth? The answer lies in their innovative approach to new product development. They’ve done away with using lengthy product testing with consumers and are instead using Amazon reviews to inform the features of their products.

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Integrity: Is This Why Apple, John Lewis, and Amazon are Masters of the Customer Experience?

Apple, John Lewis, Amazon: Masters of the Customer Experience?

Holidays are over and three organisations stand out for me: Apple, John Lewis, and Amazon. Why? It occurs to me that the people in these organisations get customers as human beings, are clear about the kind of customer experience they are up for delivering, AND have put in place a system for delivering this kind of customer experience.

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The Art and Science of Customer Insights

Brand as business bit: The combination of listening to customers and digging into data is only one of the many fascinating insights revealed in Brad Stone‘s expose on Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos, THE EVERYTHING STORE

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Amazon Earns Customer Loyalty With Integrity, Not Rewards

I got an email a few days ago from Amazon, telling me the price of the book I’d ordered had dropped, so it was passing the savings on to me. I think it was all of $.16. But that small sum is why I’m a loyal customer.

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Jeff Bezos Gets Customer Experience - But What About Employee Experience?

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about Jeff Bezos' latest shareholder letter and his commitment to, or obsession with, his customers. One of the responses I got to that post was from Micah Solomon, who suggested that it would be equally valuable to review how Amazon treats its employees.

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