Change Management and the 20/60/20 Rule

I’ve written about change and change management several times over the years, especially last year. After all, customer experience management really is (all about) change management. Change is hard. Well, it can be. But it’s especially hard when not everyone sees or agrees with your change vision.

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Visionary Companies: One Part Vision, Many Parts Alignment

A couple months ago, I wrote about the difference between consensus and alignment and why that’s important to know.

Back then I wrote:

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CX Journey™ Musings: Consensus or Alignment?

Consensus versus alignment: is there a difference? Does it matter? Where does it apply in your customer experience work?

Back in 2015, I asked a similar question about buy-in and commitment – and, importantly, why knowing the difference matters. Ultimately, you’re seeking commitment, not just buy-in. And yet, there’s a greater opportunity to get not just commitment, but alignment and commitment.

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Stop Blaming the Culture. Check If Your Business Models Have Long Expired

I walked into an event last week in San Francisco to a panel discussing how culture is everything when it comes to innovation. I had to interrupt, because they didn’t really know what they were talking about. Everyone puts an emphasis on culture – understandable, as it’s an easy target to blame as the biggest and single root cause of a company’s inability to reinvent themselves.

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Why Marketing Needs to Change: A CEO’s Perspective

In the coming months C-suites from around the world will be presented with the marketing budget proposals for 2011.  Once again, many will approve them without real conviction.

After all, when it comes to marketing, many financially focused CEOs find themselves in a quandary.  On the one hand they know that the people who work in the marketing department are smart, creative, well-intentioned and hard-working.  On the other, they have difficulty figuring out what these people do all day.  Whether their beautiful initiatives actually make a difference.

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Sales is from Mars, Marketing is from Venus - Podcast Vol III - The Sales Perspective

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Sales is from Mars, Marketing is from Venus - Podcast

by: Jon Miller

The relationship between Sales and Marketing at B2B companies is too often precarious and subject to change day by day.

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Driving successfully web 2.0 into the enterprise

by: Christian Smagg

There are risks and challenges associated with adopting any new technology, and Enterprise 2.0 is no different. 

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