Pyrrhic “Pobeda” or a Business Case for Customer Centricity in a Low-cost Airline

A few days ago a flight attendant of a Russian low-cost airline “Pobeda” had the police take into custody a young family of 3, who had refused to follow the airline rules on board.  The baby was crying non-stop, the parents spotted an empty row of upgrade-only seats and decided to move there, despite the demands of the flight attendant, who pointed out that the passengers had to either pay for the upgrade, or return to their original non-upgrade seats in different locations of the plane.
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What Can We Learn From Ryanair’s Change Of Heart?

Amidst the slavish devotion to customer experience and the ideology of customer-centricity I find Ryanair refreshing and instructive – including its recent change in stance towards how the organisation treats its customers. What can we learn from Ryanair and this change in stance?

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Employee Recognition Gone Wrong

"Time is running out to nominate a United employee for excellent service," said no one, ever.

Oh, wait. Someone actually did say it!Click the image to the left to see an email I received from United a couple of weeks ago telling me exactly that.

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Do We Really Need to Turn off Devices on Planes?

I've been fortunate to be doing a fair bit of travelling with work over the past year, so have become well used to the obligatory request on flights to turn off any electronic devices during take-off and landings. But is such a request really necessary?

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Another Airline Merger

I may be dim, but I’m having deja vu all over again after reading that the unions of newly-bankrupt American Airlines would rather consider a merger with habitually-bankrupt US Airways than pursue a draconian business plan proposed by their own management.

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