The Innovator's Dilemma Continues

Clay Christensen has died. Debate about his theories should live on.

His concept of disruptive innovation is a brilliant encapsulation of the role of unexpected effects on markets and businesses, often driven by technology innovation.

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Three Pitfalls to Avoid with Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

A few weeks ago, I did a webinar on using AI in customer service with my friends at ServiceNow.   It was very well received, and since then I got some questions about the content.   There was one slide that was the most di
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The Case For Regulating A.I.

There are many reasons why we shouldn’t regulate artificial intelligence, or “A.I.,” one reason why we should.

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Conversational commerce, without the BS

I’m investing substantial time and effort in helping people to better understand what all the hype around AI and conversational commerce technologies like chatbots and intelligent digital assistants is about. It can be rather overwhelming in my experience. And I don’t blame you. I’m overwhelmed at times by all this news on A.I. induced jobless futures and fully automated and self-learning machines as well. It looks as if A.I. will change the world before we can even say “what?”. But we know better.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Your Next Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Let’s Start With The Black Box.

For decades, companies have been searching for sustainable competitive advantages—but not many can claim that they have achieved this. Now, one big opportunity lies ahead of us and the race has only just begun. Artificial intelligence and deep learning is powering up the next level of digital transformation. Those who can transform their organization beyond simply adapting technologies and focus instead on changing the work culture and processes to being digital first will be in better positions. It has become apparent that AI may very well be part of the solution to achieving this.

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Knowledge Summary: The Next Decade in Digital Transformation

A knowledge summary is a semi-long to a long post that synthesizes positions, concepts, and lessons learned around a topic.  They consist of a mix of primary research with ideas and frameworks I built based on conversations and working sessions.

This knowledge summary will focus on concepts you have to know to embrace digital transformation in the next decade.

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AI Is Causing Structural Changes In Industry Structures. This Is A 10 Year Race. Are You Ready?

We are experiencing the biggest disruption in business history since the introduction of computing and the internet. AI is broadly defined as machines that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, and complex decision-making. This definition, however, is not yet complete; the term will further evolve as we push the boundaries of cognitive computing and consultants race to invent new buzzwords.

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KONY 2012 and the Global Hive Mind

The speed with which KONY 2012 went viral around the world has been stunning. Even if you don’t love the politics of Invisible Children's "Stop Kony" campaign, it’s hard to find fault with the execution of a viral video campaign that attracted 100 million YouTube views within a week, making it the most successful viral video ever in the history of the Web.

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Dr. Watson - Come Here - I Need You

The next time you go to the doctor, you may be dealing with a supercomputer rather than a human. Watson, the groundbreaking artificial intelligence machine from IBM that took on chess champions and Jeopardy! contestants alike, is about to get its first real-world application in the healthcare sector. In partnership with health benefits company WellPoint, Watson will soon be diagnosing medical cases – and not just the everyday cases, either. The vision is for Watson to be working hand-in-surgical-glove with oncologists to diagnose and treat cancer in patients.

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