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If nothing else, AARP is persistent in promoting the value of the 50+

When I first became involved in the Ageing Business - a long, long time ago - AARP had been at it for years. And here they are today, still plugging away to make corporate America aware of the economic values of oldies.

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Ponderings for 2019

I guess the most obvious and most likely thing that 2019 will bring is pretty much the same things as 2018 bestowed. Somehow that doesn't seem the right thing an observer about the ageing business should be saying - 'just read what I said about 2018'.

I have no doubt there will be the usual round of longevity conferences and innovation events that will be as memorable as they were in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Lots of ground breaking technologies and insights and lots and lots of hand wringing that 'something must be done'.

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Prof. David Bloom's Presentation About Population Ageing

Earlier this week I wrote about a report that you had to download that was published by the Ageing Well Network.

In keeping with Irish hospitality, they have now released the presentation given by Prof. David Bloom. This you should also download. 

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One World Is Too Young - Another Is Too Old

This week I spent some time in one of the largest advertising agencies in the UK. I always love going to agencies. There is a lot of energy - people rush around - there is a lot of laughing. How could you not find that motivating. The downside, for the agencies, is that the people that work there are, with very, very few exceptions, half the age of most of the people that buy the products they are trying to promote.

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Great Way of Presenting Year-end Forecasts - Well Done JWT

Full marks to JWT for adding some humour to its year end forecasts for 2012. Don't be fooled by the cartoon, the content is a bit scary. If you want the usual format you can view the slides.


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How Will America Handle Its Senior Moment?

As tens of millions of members of the Baby Boomer generation rapidly near retirement age, America is in need of innovative new solutions that will help it prepare for an unprecedented aging of its population. One answer to America's looming demographic crisis might be a new global movement from the World Health Organization (WHO) to transform cities around the world into "age-friendly" urban zones that better integrate senior citizens into the economic life of the community.
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