Strategic Agility: What Exactly Does It Mean?

There have been a number of books and whitepapers published about strategic agility, but most of them are purely theoretical or too narrowly focused on things like software development methods. Rarely do people adequately address what strategic agility really means and how it can be made possible.

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Designing For Agility. Not Just Speed.

Agility is increasingly moving from being an ad hoc approach used for capturing an emerging opportunity in app development to becoming a core capability in maintaining competitiveness. We are in a continuous and disruptive market environment that can be best characterized as volatile, uncertain, and moving at breakneck speeds of change. To keep up with this, innovation needs to happen in ultra shorter cycles and must scale at the same speed. Long gone are 12-24 months of planning cycles.

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Building A Modern Brand: Strategy, Creativity and Agility

Building brands in the mad men era was a relatively straight forward endeavor... 

A brand needed to effectively communicate its value to the consumer, plainly stating its functional benefits and for the more enduring brands—connecting with consumers at the emotional level typically through a story told via television led advertising campaigns. 

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We Need To Stop Chasing the Last Big Thing and Start Preparing for the Next One

Business in the digital age has become a seemingly never-ending series of “next big things.” Whether it’s e-commerce, search engine optimization, social media, big data or something else, the pattern of firms struggling to adapt is as predictable as Gartner’s hype cycle.

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3 Things That Will Eventually Kill Your Business

Successful businesses grow. Through better products and processes, they win the favour of customers, increasing their volume and margins. That success often translates into further advantages as they invest in new and better equipment, develop expertise and gain bargaining power with suppliers.

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