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Being Age-neutral to Workers and Consumers Has a Lot in Common

This article in Technology Review gives a good account of the issues facing older workers (Aging workers, new technology).

Just ponder this for a moment:

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Work until You Drop. Get Up and Work a Bit Longer

The Economist has put its considerable thinking power to the subject of the ageing worker. Interesting profile of the UK working population.

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Why Global Brands Find It So Difficult To Respond to Their Ageing Customers

I have been in the ageing business for at least a decade - probably a bit longer. During that time I have seen a lot of changes to the way companies respond to growing number of older customers BUT I have seen the same old mistakes made time and time and time again.

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The Magnum Opus on US Housing for Older People - Lessons for Europe

Want to know how older people are shaping the US housing market? It is your lucky day. Go no further than this link and you have enough reading a viewing to take up the rest of your weekend.

That said, when I delved into the report to see what it had to say about adapting housing to the cognitive, sensory and physical issues of ageing I found it a tad on the thin side.

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Vital To Make Workplaces Age Friendly

There is an article in the FT about the need for workers in Germany to remain in the workforce for longer and how companies are responding to make this possible. If you have a FT subscription you can read the article here. 

Just so you understand the magnitude of the challenge, Daimler expects that in 10 years half of its staff will be over the age of 50.

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Healthcare Does Not Lack for New Ideas, It Lacks for Dissemination of Ideas - Certainly in the UK and US

The provision of healthcare to the older person is a BIG issue. No, it is not an 'issue', it is a massive problem.

Why? Three reasons.

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A Nice Compact Video About Ageing and the Global Differences

This is a well made short video you might want to use at presentations. Well made and makes some good points.

The BBC made this video based on the research by Pew. I wrote about the report a few days back. 

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Ford's 'Third Age' Suit

Good to see that Ford is taking the needs of the ageing population seriously – well it is saying that is is taking it seriously.

This might have something to do with the fact that the average American household purchases 13 cars over a lifetime — and seven of those are purchased after the head of the household turns 50.

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The Dementia Plague

MIT's Technology Review has one of the scariest articles I think I have ever read.

I am well aware about the enormity of the problems created by Dementia but I was shocked when I read the facts presented in this article.

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The 50-plus Market in Asia Pacific

The older market in the US is big -  in Europe is big as well - in Asia Pacific it is huge. Take 15 mins out of your day to hear Kim Walker explain the dynamics of ageing in the Asia Pac region.

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