"Age Is Nothing; Attitude Is Everything"

I missed this Del Webb survey that was published in April this year. Definitely worth a quick look, especially if you are in the US. Lots of charts and numbers.

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I'm Not Dead Yet

As any Monty Python fan knows, that's a line from a very funny scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But, as someone over 50, it's also occasionally how I feel being in the ad industry. Sure, I once thought that being over 50 meant being close to death, but now that I've reached that milestone, well, let's say I'm hoping that I'm not that close any more.

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The Lost Generation of Marketers

Today’s FT has an article about the inability of today’s older marketers to ‘get’ the use of social media. Sorry, this article might be on subscription only.

The outgoing marketing chief of Unilever has warned of a “lost generation” of brand managers who do not understand the web and social networks.

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Digital Inclusion at the Sharp End

This is a great video showing how older people can get online, with a bit of help.

In this case the video shows a group of people in Hackney, East London, who are clearly enjoying themselves and getting the skills to use the Internet. Well done Age Concern Hackney.

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Data on Household Expenditure Tells a Lot of Stories

I am never to sure about the accuracy of these stats, but they are the best (in terms of quality and breadth) that you are going to get in the UK. You will find it tucked away amongst a sea of other stats in this report from the Office of National Statistics.

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The Latest Data about Demographics of iPhone Users

Here is the most up to date data I could find about the age profile of iPhone users


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Unemployment Stinks at Any Age

Who should get the bulk of your sympathy; the student who cannot get their first job or the older person who finds themselves unemployed with little chance of getting back into the working world?

There is a natural instinct for the public to have more sympathy for the young. As we know, where public opinion goes, politicians will not be far behind.

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Technology Use Is Becoming Age-neutral

Motorola has just discovered the concept of age neutral behaviour. Better late than never.

The research study (Media Engagement Barometer) found that high percentages of Americans - across multiple generations - are using media and mobile technology. Age no longer dictates new media use. And surprisingly, influencers who drive usage are now found in every group. Well that is not totally true but Motorola has definitely confirmed something that a few of us have been banging on about.

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Ageing and the Effectiveness of Touchpoints

These charts were constructed using ZenithOptimedia’s ROI Tracker - a consumer research-based tool that measures and helps plan marketing activities across the range of brand contact touchpoints.

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What You Think about Age Depends on How Old You Are

Buried away in this 164 page report, just published by the Department for Wages and Pensions about the attitudes of Brits to age are some fascinating and a somewhat disturbing findings.

The research in this report is based on secondary analysis of data from five national surveys (with a total of 6000 respondents).

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