Dove Ad Makeover - What Could It Do for Ageism?

I am afraid to say that this marketing campaign has passed me by. What a brilliant idea.

The campaign from Dove to make "women feel beautiful" by providing the capability for them to create Ads and ensuring the outbid 'negative' ads on Facebook.

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A Macabre Game of Perpetual Snakes and Ladders

I was recently talking with somebody who was in the process of structuring an event to look at the older-market and its business potential.

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Younger People Can’t Read Emotions on Older Faces. Retailers Beware!

Fascinating blog posting by Kim Walker about a research study that looks at the ability of younger people to understand the emotions of the 'elderly'.

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The Financial Times - How Can You Be So Amateurish??

The headline in today's FT says "Rift grows between old and young - Chancellor continues to shelter older people from austerity measures."

What follows is a pathetic attempt to construct an argument to justify the headline claim. It is worth marketers understanding the technique the FT attempts to employ. When done well it can be very effective - when done like this it is beyond contempt.

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One World Is Too Young - Another Is Too Old

This week I spent some time in one of the largest advertising agencies in the UK. I always love going to agencies. There is a lot of energy - people rush around - there is a lot of laughing. How could you not find that motivating. The downside, for the agencies, is that the people that work there are, with very, very few exceptions, half the age of most of the people that buy the products they are trying to promote.

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Is the Average Age of Entrepreneurs Getting Older?

Steve Jobs once said: "It's rare that you see an artist in his thirties and forties able to really contribute something amazing". Yet in his forties and beyond he went on to reinvent the music industry model, mobile phones, computers (again) and books.

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Age Friendly Communications from an Unusual Source

The Canadians seem to be taking this Age Friendly stuff very seriously. Good on them. 

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Three Interesting Stories from the US

Once again – thanks to David Weigelt for his excellent SilverTsunami video blog, where I heard about these three stories.

One of David’s colleagues has written a useful article titled: “What Google + means for the 50+.” I am still waiting to get onto the network to try it first hand but clearly a lot of others have joined.

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The Unintended Consequences of Obsessing over Consequences (or why to support youth risk-taking)

Developmental psychologists love to remind us that the frontal lobe isn’t fully developed until humans are in their mid-20s. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for our ability to assess the consequences of our decisions, our ability to understand how what we do will play out into the future. This is often used to explain why teens (and, increasingly, college-aged people) lack the cognitive ability to be wise.

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How Do Different Age Groups Interact across the Social Web?

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Online community moderation company Community 102 recently published an interesting infographic which looked at how different age groups interact online across the social web.

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