What are Africa's "Killer Apps"?

It’s not just the Mediterranean tier of countries – Tunisia, Libya, Egypt – that are experiencing stirrings of new life across Africa. Throughout the African continent, formerly moribund nations like Ethiopia are growing at near double-digit rates, while hopeful signs are emerging that Africa is finally throwing off its reliance on commodities and dictators to become the next major center of world economic growth.

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Innovation in Africa

In Africa and other developing regions electricity is not always a guarantee so these bicycle mounted phone chargers from are making a big difference. The dynamo isn’t new but this is a new application and it has spawned quite an enterprise.

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Global African Design Thinking: Reflections on Black History Month

When people think of Black History Month in America, they tend to think of famous African-Americans who managed to make a mark for themselves in American society despite conditions of severe inequality and nearly unsurmountable obstacles.

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Want to Hear One of the Most Innovative Ideas that I've Come Across in 10 Years?

by: Idris Mootee

Here's a photo of us with our Fengshui consultant Paul Ng, he was working with our interior designer to maximize positive energy flow in our creative space. His analsyis was this new place is perfect for innovation. Nice to hear that since we've just signed a 5 year lease. A little bit of optimization work is needed, a waterfall or any other water scene on one of the walls on the East side of your office. This is more of standard practice. You can do that if you have a compass.

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mobile phone credits as currency in Kenya

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