America’s Mass Affluent - What Is Their Online Behaviour?

Nielsen reckons that America’s “Mass Affluent” represent 12% of US households but enjoy an outsized 26% of the nation’s total wealth.
Who are the mass affluent? According to Nielsen? It is households with between between $250,000 and $1,000,000 in liquid assets.

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Recession Forces Luxury Brands to Target the Wealthy

The first thing that popped up on “must blog” list is another item about luxury.

According to a Luxury Institute study, summarized by AdWeek, state-of-the-market series, 77% of high-end shoppers "agreed that luxury is less important in today's economy."

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Luxury Schmuxury

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

"Mass-affluent" brands like Burberry, Tiffany, and Coach are hurting in this dicey economy of ours, just like their lesser-branded competitors.

I guess I still don't understand the branding equation: expenditures on branding are an investment because they imbue products and services with attributes, associations, and a substantive equity that should somehow supercede competitive comparisons of function or price.

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