Rivalry Marketing

Sometimes the best thing for a brand is an enemy: a rival brand that can be the focus of advertising. The other day, Mark Gallagher and Laura Savard at the BlackCoffee blog put the advantage of focusing on a rival succinctly:

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Millward Brown Digital Predictions for 2011

I like Millward Brown reports. There is nothing radically that new in their predictions for 2011 but it is worth a quick read.

Because of my interest in Web video (quick plug for my web video production company InTwoFocus and my Web video blog) it was good to see that the expectations for video advertising are a continuing move in the upward direction.

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Advil Runs Around Mucus

"Don't blame mucus," the Advil Congestion Relief ad campaign declares so it can promote its anti-inflammation properties as a cold medicine. I love it.

The ads are nothing to write home about; the obligatory creative take on the pitch gives us a grubby ethnic-looking guy in a green T-shirt (labeled "Mucus," in case there was any doubt) sitting on or near people suffering from stuffy noses and telling them that their discomfort isn't his fault. Advil is "the right sinus medicine for the real problem," which is swollen nasal passages.

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Future Agency Models: The CrowdSourcing Agency: Victors and Spoils

In the second of our looks at future agency models, I thought we would take a look at one which seems to be making a few waves; Victors and Spoils. A heady crescendo of creativity and crowdsourcing, Victors and Spoils' aim is to be an agency..

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This Coffeemaker Can't Dance

I am digging the new Tassimo Brewbot! It's this innocuous-looking little device that sprouts arms and legs and opens packages of coffee, makes it, and then brings it to you. Who would have thought that such a simple thing could be improved so dramatically. I mean, it has a head with eyes and talks, so it's possibly sentient. And I'll tell you one thing: this is one kitchen appliance that knows how to dance! I've seen the commercial.

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Subliminal Negativity Works

People hate negative advertising. So why do advertisers (notably political campaigns) keep doing it, and why does it work? We covered this in Why Negative Ads Work, but our brains hold yet another answer, as a test with subliminal messages shows. Researcher Nilli Lavie of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience states,

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Challenging Conventional Thinking

UPDATE: As I was writing my post, Fast Company came out with their piece, The Future of Advertising, which has generated a great deal of conversation the challenges facing the advertising industry. What's interesting is that the same challenges facing the biz were probably said when we moved to from print to radio; from radio to TV and every time something new arrived. I recently wrote:

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15 Stories from Fast Company about the Future of Advertising

FastCompany yesterday made a splash with its The Future of Advertising piece. It's not the first time the magazine offers predictions about the ad industry. I've looked through the first 100 issues published between 1995-2005, and found at least 15 stories describing how broken the ad biz is and offering some version of its future; that's at least one story published every year.

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What Makes a Great Tagline

All the hubbub surrounding Chevrolet’s new tagline, “Runs Deep,” is a bit puzzling to me.

In my mind, a tagline is like any other creative expression. And evaluation of any creativity is highly subjective.

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Mad Men against the Machine

Last month, I was on a panel at a FutureM "Flying Cars Are Here" event. I talked about robots, which in retrospect turned out to be surprisingly timely: that same week, AdWeek ran "Machine-Built Brands" and AdAge wrote about "Glitch in the Coming Advertising Singularity". The accompanying slides are on Slideshare and are also embedded at the end. Below is what I talked about.

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