Consumers Treat Advertising Like Trains

by: Lynette Webb

At my old agency we used to sometimes talk about “the immunised consumer”. The point we were trying to make was that the practice of ad avoidance isn’t just to do with tools that people employ to block out ads - be it the fast-forward button on a DVR, pop-up blocker, etc.

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An ad that seems to work across the generations

by: Dick Stroud

See what you think. This was one of the most popular ads in the UK
during 2007. From anecdotal evidence it seemed to be particulary high
on its age-neutrality rating.

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When Everyone is Above Average

by: Roger Dooley

Would you be limiting yourself if you targeted advertising only at
those who were above average in whatever characteristic related to your
product (say, intelligence, good looks, athletic ability,
perserverance, etc.)? In a word, NO. Studies show that across a wide
spectrum of measures, almost everyone considers themselves to be above

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Niche Marketing Is The Key To Viral Marketing

by: Karl Long

Bobby Hendersons post explaining his Fine Art Taco experiment should be required reading for all marketing, advertising, business people, and bloggers.

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Big Advertisers Insanity - The Upfront For A Theoretical YouTube Killer

by: Karl Long

In an recent article on MarketingVox with the headline “Advertisers Line up at YouTube Killer’s Door” they talk about how big advertisers are all getting behind a video site being planned by NBC.

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