Send SMS to Complete This Ad

This Axe ad from Uruguay is the best mobile "send SMS and get something" implementation I've seen. Send a text message after dark to a phone number listed on the ad, and you'll get the missing fragment of the picture. Good teaser, meaningful payback. Very smart.


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Nothing To Say

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch took out a double-page spread in the Wall Street Journal last week to deliver what it must have felt was a very important message to its current and would-be customers:


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Child Labor: Put That Baby to Work!

Advertisers have known for decades that pictures of babies attract attention and hold the viewer’s gaze. That’s why you often see pictures of babies – cute, startled, smiling, frowning – in ads that have nothing at all to do with baby products. An interesting study from Australia shows what takes a baby-picture ad from merely attention-getting to effective.

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What If They Like Big Brother?

Google announced late last week that it will offer an exchange to help brands place online display ads. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Congressman Rick Boucher is drafting legislation to require businesses to disclose to consumers the information they capture about their Internet behavior, and allow them to control its uses.

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Banners, Search Ads on Retailers' Sites

Interesting. So Walmart must be making more money with the display ads it serves on its home page through the last year's deal with Yahoo than it would've made by promoting its own merchandise. The entire site served over 900M pageviews in August (Compete Pro data).

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Marketing Posters for Loansharks

Is someone looking to bring some credibility into this underground business? Strange effort but well designed nevertheless.

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Funny Hypnotic Ads

It’s hard to say exactly what the creators of this ersatz Coke commercial were aiming for, but it seems like something that Neuromarketing readers would find amusing:


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College Branding and Banner Ads

Banner ads may be the most common method of reaching consumers on the Web, but they don’t get much respect. Web marketers talk about “banner blindness,” implying that users become so used to the presence of these ads that they no longer even see them. I don’t think it’s time to write off the ubiquitous banner just yet, though. First, here are some comments on college banner ads from top marketing blogger Seth Godin:

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Future: Disposable Video Players

"Wait, what??? did I miss a few years of tech?"

I bet a lot of us had the same reaction best expressed in a comment about yesterday's news that a September issue of Entertainment Weekly will come out with an insert sporting mini video screens to promote Pepsi and CBS's fall line-up. Not particularly impressed with the execution of the Esquire's eInk cover stunt, many wondered what kind of technology would be powering the screens that apparently can run up to 40 minutes of video each.

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Emotional Ads Work Best

The idea that ads that engage us emotionally work better than those that don’t might provoke a, “Well, duhhh!” reaction from Neuromarketing readers. Surprisingly, though, I still encounter business executives who don’t believe they are swayed by emotional factors when buying things, and often doubt that others are either. So, for those uber-rational decision-makers, here’s the hard data…

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