Topless Jennifer Aniston Revealed

OK, let’s admit something... but let’s whisper it. Sex sells. There... I said it. And I know we all wish that wasn’t the case. We know it’s smutty... it’s a cheap shot at making us interested in a product... but let’s be honest. It sure as hell works.

Marc Babej pointed out in his latest Forbes blog that Smartwater has done a very smart thing using this ploy.

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Vivid Print Ads Change Your Memory

Remember that fresh, buttery popcorn you had a few weeks ago? Maybe you didn’t really have it at all, and the memory was created by a magazine ad. Impossible, you say? Actually, new research shows that some print ads can be impactful enough to create a false memory of having tried a product that doesn’t even exist.

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Report: Facebook Ad Performance Is Abysmal

A few years ago, I made the observation that just because a lot of people go there, doesn't mean it's a good place to advertise. For example, almost everyone visits funeral homes, but that doesn't mean they're a good place to provide advertisements.

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Seeing Video Ads Everywhere

In 1971, Herb Simon said:

What does an abundance of information create? Basically a scarcity of attention.

And the interesting thing about the quote below from Samuel Johnson was that it was written in 1751. So, one hundred and fifty years ago, people were complaining that there were too many ads in the world.

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The Ad That Went Bad

(If you're a regular dim bulber, you know that I love to riff on what's happening to brands, marketing, media consumption and the greater Known Universe. I had the honor of keynoting the Worldwide Partners' annual meeting in Miami earlier this week and for that occasion I wanted to explore a new way of looking at I wrote a poem, which follows. My apologies to Dr. Seuss and anybody who gets headaches from bad rhythm or rhyme)

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How to Produce a Great Twitter Ad

Look at Google trends or any social media blog and the topical discussion point is around the fact that Twitter have announced their new ad platform. The best description of this slightly strange mechanic I have heard to date has come from Mashable:

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iPad Ads a Game Changer?

While technology has not been kind to traditional advertisers, next week's launch of Apple's iPad offers an immense opportunity. Big brand names like FedEx and Chase have bought much of the ad inventory for the next few months. I wonder if they're going to make proper use of it.

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Google Goes Simple and Meaningful with Their TV Ad

What a well-designed and choreographed TV ad that tells a meaningful, heartwarming and simple story by just showing us enough information and getting us to fill in the rest.

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Why Are Superbowl Ads Cheaper This Year?

It seems like everything I read about the reduction in price of Superbowl Ads blames the economy. But, could it be there is something bigger going on here? As we move from an economy based on scarcity (Superbowl ads are the very definition of a scarce commodity) to one based on abundance there other ways to have a more powerful and long lasting relationship at a reduced cost emerge.

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We Have an Innovation Problem, and It Is Miles and Miles of Indistinguishable Stuff

I learned today that Axe Body Spray for Men is running an ad in Uruguay where readers sending an SMS to their address receive on their phone the missing bits of a picture of a beautiful woman. (Those bits are clothed, BTW.)

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