AdAge Challenges the Tinfoil Hats

Rance Crain, Editor-in-Chief of Advertising Age (as well as Crain’s Chicago Business, Crain’s New York Business, and TelevisionWeek) has taken the neuro-alarmists to task in a sensible AdAge piece, Neuromarketing Threat Seems Quaint in Today’s Ad Landscape.
Crain describes the EthicMark ad competition and the group’s fears about neuromarketing. The EthicMark awards don’t recognize brilliant creativity or stellar sales results, but rather admit only advertisers who don’t use “subliminal messages, brain science, MRIs or endocrinology as tools to manipulate [consumers] for marketing purposes.”
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3 Minute Ad Age -- Esquire E-Ink

by: David Polinchock

I've been trying to find a copy of this issue on the newsstands, but haven't had much luck. So, until I can find a copy myself, this will have to do.


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H&R Block Do Social Media

by: Mark Rogers

H&R Block used social media marketing to boost their profile and raise awareness of their digital accounting product, reports Ad Age. The lady responsible was Amy Worley (Photo: Jonathan Fickies). They used YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Second life. As AdAge comments, this kind of marketing in social media is “about stacking up many small ideas to create a big total impact”.

Key stats:

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Adage Is Becoming Boomer Friendly

by: Dick Stroud

A couple of years ago you would not have expected to have read this type of statement in AdAge.

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Experience, Social, Word of Mouth. Is it All Just Advertising?

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Technorati - Why Crossing The Chasm Is Not Always a Good Idea

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