What They Miss out on in Davos

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The Story of Our Times - Time to Abolish Accounting as We Know It

by: Sigurd Rinde

Imagine this, you're out driving... [Reality references in brackets at the bottom of the post].

But the windshield is not there, instead you have a standardised set of reports [1] coming up on a "dashboard" in front of you [2].

The reports are supposed to give you an idea as to where you are heading and what dangers might lurk, or jump out from the kerb.

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Serious Games Dealing With Real-World Ethics & Finance

by: Eliane Alhadeff

DELOITTE & TOUCHE USA HAS partnered with BrandGames to bring business education up to speed, with The Virtual Team Challenge for High Schools (VTCHS) Event--an online simulator that lets teens learn business best practices and deal with real-world ethical and financial situations.

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