Accenture’s Report: High Performance in Insurance with Social Media.

Guest Post by: Tim Fowler

As I have a keen interest in social media for financial services I’ve been looking at the Accenture’s paper on “Achieving high performance in insurance through social media”.

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Link to the Accenture Report

by: Dick Stroud

Many thanks to the guys at The Savvy Boomer for sending me a link to the Accenture report that I mentioned a couple of blog postings ago.

Another interesting finding from the research about the use of blogs and podcasts.

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Buyer's Hubris Harms Revenue Growth from Acquisitions

by: John Caddell

Accenture recently released a report entitled “Leveraging Sales & Marketing to Maximize the Value of Mergers and Acquisitions.” This report quantifies what many people have felt about M&A—as far as growing revenue long-term, it’s not a successful strategy.

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Accenture Consumer Broadcast Study - Make Sure You Download

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More Than One Channel to Innovation

by: Yann Gourvennec

As often when it comes to innovation, or many other things for that respect, many people believe that there must be a miracle cure somewhere and if you take a few spoonfuls of that potion you are bound to generate valuable innovations and recurring revenue.

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