Will Technological Change Lead to Abundance or Extinction?

At this year’s TED conference, which brought together some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators, one of the most provocative debates challenged participants to consider the future of the earth. Two stunning TED Talks – “The Earth is Full” from Paul Gilding and “Abundance” from Peter Diamandis – were scheduled back-to-back to lead off the conference.

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Who Cares What YOU Think?

There have been about 100 truly original products that have been launched in the last 10 years. The rest of them have been variations of the same. Tons of them. We’re in danger of product overload.

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The Fundamentals of Choice

My husband, usually a calm, mild-mannered man, recently experienced something which left him completely frazzled and frustrated – he went to the grocery store.

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From Scarcity to Abundance, Part 2

I had a great conversation with Shaun Abrahamson from Mutopo today about the emergence of abundance. Shaun is a really interesting guy and it was so much fun to hang with him. Enjoy:

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Why Are Superbowl Ads Cheaper This Year?

It seems like everything I read about the reduction in price of Superbowl Ads blames the economy. But, could it be there is something bigger going on here? As we move from an economy based on scarcity (Superbowl ads are the very definition of a scarce commodity) to one based on abundance there other ways to have a more powerful and long lasting relationship at a reduced cost emerge.

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