Let's Hope AARP's Influent50 Has More Success than Focalyst

One of the advantages of being in the age business for so long is that you have seen most business models and joint-ventures come and go.

So it is with AARP's new venture in advertising. This is what it says about itself:

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Wondered Why the Person Next To You at the Traffic Lights Looks over 50?

Saga has done some research into the age structure of the UK car travel market.  This is far more than your usual PR market research. It is very well done and mighty comprehensive.

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Hearing Loss? Denial Doesn’t Work. Trust Me.

Well done AARP in providing advice about hearing loss and well done in engaging Katherine Bouton to write the blog.

My hearing is definitely in decline and I can identify with so much that Katherine writes. These tips for making it easier to engage somebody with hearing loss are great. 

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Why Don't Suppliers Care About "Packaging Rage"? New Research Reveals the Enormity of the Problem

Over 50% of grandmothers suffer frustrations with packaging on a weekly basis.
Recently I worked with Grannynet, the social networking site for grandmothers, to explore the issue of product packaging. 
We found that a staggering 80% of those surveyed have had issues with packaging in the last month alone, with 51% being in just the last week. 
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The presentation I gave to the Assisted Living Conference in Liverpool

I have spent the last couple of days in Liverpool. My first visit to this part of the UK.

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Packaging - a design nightmare

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of appearing on Radio New Zealand. Having spoken on a number of radio stations I must say I was really impressed with the professionalism of the station in its pre and post show organisation.

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Riding the Wave of Diversity report from Symphony IRI

According to the 2012 Baby Boomers: Riding the Wave of Diversity report from Symphony IRI by developing marketing strategies that are aligned with shopper needs, retailers and manufacturers can create shopping experiences that will win shopper spending and ongoing loyalty.

That kind of sounds like common sense to me. 

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The Dementia Plague

MIT's Technology Review has one of the scariest articles I think I have ever read.

I am well aware about the enormity of the problems created by Dementia but I was shocked when I read the facts presented in this article.

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A Macabre Game of Perpetual Snakes and Ladders

I was recently talking with somebody who was in the process of structuring an event to look at the older-market and its business potential.

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The 50-plus Market in Asia Pacific

The older market in the US is big -  in Europe is big as well - in Asia Pacific it is huge. Take 15 mins out of your day to hear Kim Walker explain the dynamics of ageing in the Asia Pac region.

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