Smart NPS®

The quickest way to turn your NPS® program into growth of loyal customers and profits

Smart NPS® is a do-it-for-you Net Promoter service for mid-size companies who require the results of the full-scale NPS program, but don’t have the time or resources to manage this internally.

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A full-scale NPS—on a mid-size company budget

The pressure to improve Customer Experience (CX) is high, but CX budgets are hard to get. And getting people to spend time on a Voice of Customer project can be even tougher. With Smart NPS, you will get: 

You'll start small but get quick results. You'll soon have the business case to get your C-suite on board. 

ROI from the start

A multidisciplinary team lead by an NPS expert manage your surveys, analyse the results, and turn research results into actions that lead to business growth.

Minimal time investment

—for maximal results

Expertise and state of the art tools—without steep fees 

Get access to 15 years expertise and advanced software used by enterprises (and save more than €50K on license fees). 

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