The Net Promoter System can add tremendous value, but only if it is implemented correctly.  Failure to do so, only leaves you with "yet another meaningless metric on a dashboard".

Direct, or in partnership with Futurelab Research, we can help you ensure that your NPS programme drives action, profit and a noticeable customer experience improvement.


Facilitate best practice NPS implementation

Our associates have worked on the leanest and the most complex of Net Promoter projects in Europe, Asia and North America.  They have learned NPS practice in the trenches and can use this knowledge to assist you with every aspect of your Net Promoter programme. They can support you to:

  • correctly start your Net Promoter Journey with business cases, management buy-in and a solid proof-of-concept
  • establish closed loops which ensure that NPS data is actioned at all levels of the organisation
  • organise international NPS roll-outs which are pragmatic/lean, consistent and inspiring to the people
  • take your existing NPS programme to the next level through benchmarking, promoter activation, forecasting, ...
  • introduce employee NPS initiatives to check and make sure that your people truly support your business
  • conduct modest budget NPS pilots (via Futurelab Research)

In case you have already established an NPS programme, we can also help you improve it by benchmarking it against the best practices we have seen in the market.

If you would like to know more about Net Promoter, or discuss your plans, please  get in touch for an informal, exploratory chat or benefit from our NPS toolbox.

You can learn more also on: 

  • NPSevaluate - A 1-day decision-support seminar
  • NPSactivate - A 1-day action-oriented seminar to switch on the benefits of the NPS
  • NPScalibrate - A 10-day Rapid NPS Audit to strengthen your programme


Take our VoC Calibrate survey to discover whether you are currently getting the full benefit from your programme


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