Everywhere print is being replaced by digital channels. For media companies who didn't sufficiently prepare in the past, this development can become a battle for survival.

Based on our media work in the US and Europe, we can help you transform your media house or publisher into a multi-channel proposition collecting revenues from a variety of sources.


Use audience-centric thinking to build new revenue streams

By being audience-centric instead of channel-centric, media companies can significantly increase their revenue potential.  We can assist you in the development of new revenue streams by:

  • looking at your audience as a community of individuals with values, beliefs and purchasing power
  • leveraging existing content and capabilities for new (branded content) formats
  • developing creative capabilities where advertising agencies fall short or have different agenda's
  • creating editorial commerce propositions which translate media trust into commercial revenue


For local US newspapers, we have templated solutions to rapidly/pragmatically drive new revenue (regional exclusivity applies).

If you would like to learn more about the development of new revenue streams in media and publishing or would like a conversation on audience-centricity in general, feel free to get in touch.