With liquid, investable assets of € 150,000 to € 750,000 they are a highly attractive, but also highly neglected audience for any financial retailer, life insurer or asset manager.

We can help you capture these customers' loyalty, by designing and delivering products, services, business models and experiences that really connect to their needs.


Capturing the Mass Affluent opportunity

Futurelab wants to equip a select number of financial institutions with the methodologies, tools and templates to capture this untapped opportunity and:

  • Find and understand Mass Affluent consumers using customer insight discovery and big data techniques
  • Roll-out goal-based risk profiling, while remaining fully compliant with current and emerging regulations
  • Plot investment products on to the goal-based risk matrix to enable close-match product recommendations
  • Bundle existing investment products into tailored customer-centric solutions
  • Leverage IT to capture customer goal data, risk expectations, constraints, assets and liabilities and time horizons
  • Construct portfolios, select investment products (equities, bonds, term deposits and funds) fitting the client's goal-based profile 
  • Report on portfolio characteristics (risk, performance, fit with profile) for sharing with customers
  • Develop a comprehensive commercial strategic plan, including brand strategies and pricing of investment advice
  • Define and describe a profitable, customer-driven investment experience
  • Meet the challenges of the digital transformation
  • Support a full roll-out and implementation of your Mass Affluent strategy.


For a full description of our views, please refer to our Thesis Paper: How to profit from Customer-Centricity in the Mass-Affluent investment market.

If you would like a more extensive conversation on the topic of mass affluents, or discuss the ways in which your organisation can become more customer-centric, do not hesitate to get in touch.