The Customer Journey is a great starting point for all Customer Experience initiatives. This full description of all events and interactions that customers experience with your company: before, during and after the relationship.

The Customer Journey helps you to understand the customer point of view on your company’s operations. It allows managers to see the process as a relationship rather than several single moments in time. 

Because of that, the Customer Journey is a great alignment tool for all the departments who usually work in silos. In the end, those divisions that don’t face the customer but whose work influences the customer experience will see their role in the big picture.

Based on the Customer Journey you can plan both short and long term actions and improvements in your company.

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Create and deliver the right customer experience with our Customer Journey Framework: 

  • Describe customer’s feelings and expectations at every important step of the journey.
  • Define CX standards for every step.
  • Establish actionable CX objectives and KPI’s for your business.
  • Run a gap analysis
  • Develop a roadmap to deliver the right customer experience along the customer journey
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What are the typical steps we go through?


We will have an on-site working session with you to fully understand all requirements, understand what kind of input is available, and agree on the deliverables (format, necessary level of detalisation, alignment needs within the organisation,  further usage). Here we’ll also send data collection requests to you and our researchers.


We will then plan and conduct a working session with your core team, where we will present the Thesis for Customer Journey and inspiration materials. We will discuss what feels right and what maybe is not exactly reflecting the reality. The idea is to get out of the room on that day with clarity on the final deliverable, and alignment on the Journey Framework.



We make sure we get to know the company – talk to your stakeholders, experience your services, look at your existing research (and do some desk research, and if necessary some additional research. Based on these inputs we will develop a first thesis. 

We will emerge from this Phase with a ready Thesis for the Customer Journey: a draft document with our first impressions and ideas, as well as an inspiration guide.

Having heard your input into the Thesis, we will then finalise it with all the amendments and comments taken into consideration. We will then run a face-to-face presentation to you, describing details of the final delivery, answering questions on usage, and agreeing on the next steps. 



In the next stage we will gladly assist you in operationalizing this customer journey and setting up a permanent customer journey management approach. 

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