In the past the automotive heart was driven by hard facts like technology, engine power and security concepts. This is changing rapidly. Technology is pretty much the same throughout all automotive brands. Design, Mobility concepts (location based services) and connectivity are the new challenges to face. And even more the touchpoints at the dealer level and throughout all sales channels. To ensure a consistent brand experience the automotive industry must gain better consumer insights to connect to the consumers in an appropriate way and to offer a unique and inspiring experience for purchase and service.


Securing loyal customer relationships

If you are in the automotive industry, an engineering company, supplier, or car distributor, we can help you to manage these challenges by: 
  • Gaining full consumer insights throughout all your channels
  • Enabling you to create consistent customer-experience at all key touchpoints along the customer journey
  • Consolidating the relationship with your existing customers and make them 
ambassadors of their local dealer hot spot
  • Creating moments of Wow to extend their loyalty and make them premium users
  • Introducing an alert system to enable your car dealers to react on each single voice 
of your customer and offer best service in class
  • Transforming digitally to meet the new market requirements. 
See how we can help you close the gaps between desired end state of CX and current realities - check Automotive Customer Experience Support. 
Because of pre-existing customer relationships, regional exclusivities may apply.