Media analyst - Media consultant - Advertiser

Timur Gadzhiev is Futurelab’s associate in Moscow. His background is in media analytics and advertising effectiveness. One of the first independent media consultants in Russia, he has developed AdScan: the methodology of media that has by now been accepted as an industry standard.

In his career Timur served as a media advisor for a vast number of local advertisers, including Beiersdorf, Megafon, Samsung, Philips, IKEA, Novartis, KIA/Hyundai, TEVA, Mondelez, Lukoil, General Motors, Shell, Pfizer, Iglo, Visa, Honda, McDonald's, WaltDisney, Adidas, Stork, Lego,, Intel, SCA, GSK, Tele2, PokerStars, Citibank, HP, and Sony Pictures.