• Occupation: Associate Professor of Communication Studies
  • Organisation: University of Kansas


  • Developed a fascination with the social dimensions of communication technology in 1990, when, during the first season of Twin Peaks, she learned of a lively discussion about who killed Laura on this newfangled thing called the internet (rec.arts.tv.twinpeaks)
  • Has written many widely-cited articles about online community, fandom, and the intersections between on and offline social life , and also a book Tune In, Log On: Soaps, Fandom, and Online Community
  • Teaches on topics including the use of new communication technologies in creating identities, relationships and communities, interpersonal communication, and qualitative research methods
  • Co-founder and Past-President of the Association of Internet Researchers, an international interdisciplinary association
  • On the editorial boards of the premiere journals in the field, including New Media & Society, The Journal of Communication, The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, and The Information Society
  • On the side, she listens to a lot of pop music, contributes record reviews and occasional mp3s to the Scandinavian music webzine It’s a Trap, and sometimes writes about music in her last.fm journal

Personal credo: Be Nice


Online Fandom

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