With a background in organisational psychology, IT and communications, David works in the places where people, culture and technology come together – increasingly with a focus on exploiting the educational potential of archives and cultural assets using web technologies.

  • Organisation: DJ Alchemi Ltd.


  • Explores the cross-section between music, social media and e-learning
  • Has led e-learning strategy and project-management initiatives for regional and national organisations in the UK, including writing British Standards
  • Former chair of the British Human-Computer Interaction Group, on the editorial board of journal Interacting with Computers for over ten years
  • Writer on the social and commercial implications of new technologies for the music business magazine Five Eight
  • David wrote a book on Net, Blogs and Rock'n'Roll: Who knows what's next in media and music in the new era of digital discovery and the download culture

Passionate question: How can technology make music a qualitatively richer and more inspiring experience?