Storyteller – Simplifier – Strategist

Alain likes it best when the right thing to do is also a nice thing to do. That’s why he’s on a mission to make the world a more customer-friendly place. Not just because it’s nice, but because he has learned that customer-centricity is the most profitable strategy any business can pursue. 

Alain has over 20 years of experience as an international strategist, retailer and venture capitalist. Today he heads up Futurelab, where he contributes his passion for the customer and a mind for simplicity. He has worked on customer-centricity programmes for a variety of brands, including: ING, Lexus, Vodafone, McLaren and the very tasty Bordeaux wines.

  • Compelling author and speaker: So You Want To Be Customer-Centric?”
  • Passionate advocate for customer-centricity
  • Background in marketing and management: fashion, luxury cosmetics and sportswear
  • Managed internet firms during the good – and then the very bad – days of the dot-com bubble
  • Hands-on VC and merchant banking experience with over 30 international start-ups
  • C-level support on design and implementation of global priority programmers
  • Pioneered and profitably managed hundreds of ‘shop-in-shops’
  • Accredited Net Promoter® Certified Associate