Outsourced NPS

Outsourced NPS Solutions

Net Promoter programmes fine-tuned to your capacity and budget.

A full scale NPS… but affordably?

As a specialist implementing Net Promoter Score, you need a reliable solution for data collection and presentation. But finding the one that suits YOU often proves difficult.

Low budget online systems are a good starting point, but they are often limited in capacity, and inflexible in design. And modern Voice of Customer solutions with flashy dashboards and advanced reporting require significant investment in cash and time.

So it seems like you can only buy either a tricycle - or a racing car.

But where are the smart solutions?

Something that will do the job without taking all your time or breaking bank account?

A full Net Promoter Programme, but affordably?


Can you make it happen?

The pressure to improve Customer Experience (CX) is on. But in a mid-sized company, CX budgets are tough to get. And getting people to spend time on a Voice of Customer project can be even tougher. Yet other solutions still imply spending either a lot of time or much money on getting the Net Promoter System and programme fine-tuned to your needs.

At the same time, other tough questions emerge:

  • How do I start?
  • What’s the the Return on Investement??
  • How do I align the people?
  • What if I can’t do it alone?

How do I get what I need without all the extra cost?



Yes, you can!

With Futurelab’s Outsourced NPS Solutions you can now get your Net Promoter Programme as elaborated and flexible as you want it, without investing much time – or budget – or human resource!

Combine the best of large scale solutions with the speed and affordability of a lean and agile system:

  • Hassle-free free kick off and roll out
  • Dedicated NPS manager
  • System setup 100% fine-tuned to your needs
  • Fully outsourced data collection and analysis
  • Role-based reporting
  • CX and NPS training for your people
  • Experts and interim support at call



The Outsourced NPS offering:
What you get To make it work, you need:

A multi-disciplinary team lead by experienced Net Promoter specialist

ONE person to manage the project on your side (we do all the rest)
  • 4 hours a week during pilot
  • 1 day a month during roll-out
  • 2 days for every workshop preparation and delivery
An advanced online system for data collection, analysis and presentation (powered by Confirmit)
A classic NPS survey in your corporate branding
Multi-language  options Your customers’ contact database (we help with easy data transfer)
Action Management for the Closed Loop NO own IT manager (we set up the system)
Live online dashboards and regular reports in your mailbox NO need to clean the data (we do that too)
Presentations for the leadership and Activation workshops for your colleagues NO specialists.


Choose the format that suits you
Beginner Aspiring High Performer

If you are making your first steps in Net Promoter, the Beginner package is the right one for you:

  • Your Net Promoter Score and top line data analysis
  • Customer verbatims categorised
  • Recommendations and next steps
  • Quarterly Face-to-face presentation to management
  • Activation workshop for the team

If you consider yourself NPS savvy and are ready for a bigger game, select this option. It includes all the options of the Beginner package, and in addition:

  • Closed Loop system including action management
  • Training for your colleagues
  • Role-based reporting
  • Multi-language surveys and dashboards

This package is for those NPS masters who want to reach for the stars and take things to a whole new level. High Performer includes all options of the Aspiring package, and in addition:

  • Promoter Activation programs
  • Employee Motivation programs
  • Leadership Engagement programs
  • Customer Strategy consulting & interim CX/NPS management
From € 2,500 a month. From € 5,000 a month. Call us.


Is your software secure? Can WE send the invites?

YES. We use Confirmit Horizons platform which is compliant with the European Data Protection law.


YES. You can send out the survey invitation by yourself. In this case, we will simply provide you with unique links for every customer you would like to contact.

Is NPS GPRD-compliant? Is it only for the long term?

YES. If you wish, we can be very much hands on everything that is going in with regards to NPS and customer experience. We like making positive change happen.

NO. You can simply start with a pilot. And if you realise it is not for you, we part there and then. But if you do like it and want to continue with us, we are all up for growing old together.

Is it just research? Do I have to have a team? Can I go solo?

NO. We do not only give you the survey results. We help you make the change happen by turning the insights that we get from survey into business ideas – and actions. In that, if you wish, we can be very much hands on everything that is going in with regards to Customer Experience in your company (and we like it).

NO. We are your NPS team as of now. IT, analysts, trainers, C-level speakers: we provide them all. We will need you to have only one person working on the project on your side.

YES. You can stop with us with a 3 months’ warning. If you would like to continue without us, you will have to obtain the Confirmit license. We will then migrate the data into your system.


Your Process - a Pilot Example

Why should you start with NPS?

  • It is the quickest and simplest measurement of your client’s attitude to you
  • You will get deep understanding of the reasons for their happiness – or dissatisfaction
  • You can use the results to take immediate action to improve your relationship with the client, AND – and to plan your long term improvements


We are Customer Experience Architects.


Futurelab is the European customer experience (CX) consultancy. For more than 15 years we help our clients understand the needs of their customers, develop better customer experience, and draw profit from customers’ loyalty and word of mouth.


We call ourselves “Customer Experience Architects” because we help you dream, design, launch and implement your CX program – just like an architect helps a client to dream, design and create new building. We listen to your needs, evaluate current situation, and plan projects with team, managing your agencies and vendors towards the desired result.

But we don't stop just there: like any good architect, stay with you overseeing the implementation process, making sure that projects are on track, the necessary processes created, and your people learn necessary skill sets.


This is why our services fit your needs – from customer strategy development and NPS pilots to all-company customer centricity trainings. Our focus is on identifying quick wins and drive the ROI of any project. Through our offices in Germany and Belgium, as well our associates many other countries, we are always close to you.