So You Want To Be Innovative?

You want to be innovative

Many innovations fail because they have little customer relevance.  This presentation explores how to innovate less, but with more meaning.

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The Impact of 3D Printing on Retail

3D printing and retail

3D printing technology is about to change many of the ways in which retailers need to trade and organise their business.  This presentation explores how.

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Barriers to Customer-Centricity

Barriers to customer centricity

Becoming customer-centric is easier said than done.  This presentation explores the main barriers companies encounter and the ways to overcome the.

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Customer-centricity in B2B

B2B marketing

Much customer-centricity thinking focuses on B2C markets, but in B2B the added value can be just as large.  This presentation explores some of the ways this value can be captured.

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Sales Promotions to Promoters (Russian)

Marketing forum

This is the Russian edition of the presentation which challenges marketers to drop their bad sales promotion habits and start turning customers into promoters.

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Customer-Centricity - The Animation

This little video tries to give a flavour of what it means to be a customer-centric company, and promote Alain's book in the process :-)

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Social India: The Opportunity


Western digital and social media habits are quickly spreading to India.  But that doesn't mean Indian brands should imitate the practicesn of their Western counterparts.

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TV Ads: No Story, No Glory

From a customer perspective many TV ads are irrelevant, intrusive and annoying.  Using a storytelling approach, brands can get consumers to embrace their message.

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So You Want To Be Customer-Centric?

This five-step action guide is written for executives who want to make their business more customer-centric.  Inspired by Alain Thys' book with the same title.

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On Marketing Innovation

Marketing innovation and the development of branded services can be ways in which marketing executives truly differentiate their brand.

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Clients and Agencies: Trouble?

The marriage between brands and agencies is troubled.  To succeed, both will fundamentally need to change the way they think, operate and measure success.

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Nps Romania Benchmark Study

In 2009, we conducted one of Europe's first Net Promoter benchmark studies (in Romania).  This presentation contains some of the key findings.

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