How Customer Centricity helps create better customer contacts in the contact center

By introducing better KPIs and advancing customer needs into a holistic approach, the contact center can evolve from a cost center to a profit center

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Customer Experience - How to sell it to the rest of the company

At the end of the day, only the business case is important - you have to show your colleagues and bosses that it's a matter of making money when we talk...

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The contact center as a profit center - how do we prove it?

The contact centers are usually percieved as budget spenders, but in this webinar Stefan Kolle will show you some concrete examples that they bring profit....

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B2B VoC Programmes that reduce churn and increase lifetime value

Stefan Kolle of Futurelab shows frameworks, tools and tips & trick on how to develop B2B VoC Programmes that reduce churn and increase lifetime value....

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Webinar Maximize the ROI of your VoC / NPS Programme

Stefan Kolle of Futurelab introduces a framework and many practical tips and tricks on how to...

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Outsourced NPS Implementation

Outsourced NPS

Starting, implementing and running your own NPS programme is hard. We describe an outsourced hassle-free approach.

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CX in B2B - 8 questions

Customer experience in B2B

Customer experience is just as important in B2B as in B2C. We guide you with 8 questions to find out why, how, and where to start.

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7 initiatives to improve your CX

Pragmatic initiatives to improve CX

A quick guide to some initiatives in customer experience management (Customer experience) you can start doing in 2017

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The right metrics for your VoC program

Voice of customer metrics

Having the right design for your VoC program is crucial. Below you will find a list of the most important Voice of the customer KPIs.

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Consumer Trends And Retail

Consumer trends

We present some key consumer trends and how retailers can adapt. A compilation of presentations Alain Thys gave in Vilnius (2013) and Tallinn (2014).

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So You Want To Be Innovative?

You want to be innovative

Many innovations fail because they have little customer relevance.  This presentation explores how to innovate less, but with more meaning....

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The Impact of 3D Printing on Retail

3D printing and retail

3D printing technology is about to change many of the ways in which retailers need to trade and organise their business.  This presentation explores...

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