Regular evening during the week. Exhausted after the long day you just plan to spend the rest of it with your computer, while watching some nice show on Netflix. Good plans until you see the message on the screen that your internet provider is slowing down your connection due to changes in the application of “Net neutrality” and you will be able to see the show in an hour. According to these principles all types of content should be treated equally by the Internet service providers and governments and their usage should not lead to discrimination or different charges for the users, websites, platforms and etc. 

Currently 41% of people use video streaming websites and 33% use music streaming websites. If the principles of “Net neutrality” change, all these users and their customer experience could be affected. Every Internet provider will be allowed to treat differently these types of content and even charge it differently. According to an infographic, prepared from Irish Telecom, changes in prices and speed can lead to nearly half of the users switching to a different Internet provider. Another 39% of them will complain directly and 22% will share their negative experience on the social media or forums. 

Learn more for “Net neutrality” and its affects from the infographic.   



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