Winning your customers and providing extraordinary customer experience has been always a difficult task. In the digital world it has become even harder, because you need to find the right strategy and in the same time to transform and adapt your business model to the new requirements and fast changing environment. 

Learn some of the insights on how to win in the age of the customer in a digital world during our Breakfast session: long live retail. Join us on the 15th of June in Amsterdam and listen to Hello Customer, Loyalty Rockstars, FutureLab and WowNow.

Stefan Kolle from FutureLab will bring cases from ING and Toyota where they mostly worked on a change management project to improve on customer experience and engagement. Remember that central role in your customer centricity have your own people.

Leslie Cottenjé from Hello Customer will explain what role customers play and how retail organisations can still win their hearts. Loyalty Rockstars will show how companies can use digital engagement to engage customers, listen to them, cater to their needs and exceed their expectations. Bram De Vos from Hello Customer will give insights on customer feedback as crucial part of transformation. During the breakfast Rosaria Cirillo from WowNow will present also NPS as driving methodology toward customer centricity.


Learn more about customer centricity in retail and join us for breakfast. Don’t miss the 15th of June!

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