If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked: "so what company gets this ageing thing and is succeeding" I would be a wealthy guy.

Most often I explain that we have evaluated the age-friendliness of Apple and it has a great score. We haven't evaluated John Lewis, but we should, because instinctively I think it does a great job at appealing across the generations.

Looks like I am not alone in thinking this - watch the VoxPops video. (Note to the guys at VoxPops - how about providing the ability to embed your free videos?)

So what does John Lewis do so well? Here is one good reason. It really does understand and lives by improving the customer experience, irrespective of that being a teenager or a pensioner. Lots of companies talk the talk but very, very few actually does it and does it well. Right now John Lewis is way up in the top league. Note for other companies - it is still possible to do this and remain competitively priced.

The bottom line is that the company has taken the worry out of purchasing - if I have a problem the company will sort it.

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