I always like looking at what others are saying is going to happen in the coming 12 months.  I know how it works. You have to produce a slides and you sit around thinking of all of the odds and sods of developments that you have heard about and put them into the mix as things 'to look out for' in the next year.

What struck me about looking at JWT slides is the gap between the minds of the marketers who produced this slide pack and reality.

Most of the things that are suggesting we 'look out for' will have very little impact on older consumers who still account for the largest amount of spending in most CPG markets.

This is not to say that all of this tech stuff isn't great fun and will undoubtedly be used by lots of people (probably including me) and that there are lots of tech savvy oldies, but for most people the ideas are an irrelevance.

Much better to call the presentation "things we would hope/like to happen".