An occasional hurdle you face in social media marketing is the ‘Facebook only’ approach.

Depending on their level of social media knowledge and their need to show the big number internally, you’ll sometimes get a directive from a marketer to focus on Facebook at the expense of other networks.   After all, surely 900 million users can’t be wrong.

In fact, a study by Virtue showed that adopting several social networks in tandem with Facebook is the route to increasing Facebook engagement – depending on which networks you use by more than 50%.

The above chart speaks for itself.   When using Facebook only, brands had an average of five likes per 1000 fans, or an engagement rate of 0.5%.    When also using Twitter and Google+, that engagement rate  went up to 0.77%.

And what about Pinterest?   Brands that integrated Pinterest into their Facebook pages saw upwards of 60% in Facebook engagement rates.

Why is that?  Using multiple social touch-points gives you different options to share different content to different audiences.   Meanwhile, bringing in Pinterest and Instagram into your Facebook eco-system integrates both a highly engaged community and engaging visual content.

So to recap: A stat to remember and quote:  Using Twitter and Google+ in tandem with Facebook increases engagement by 50%.  Adding Pinterest to the mix makes that 60%.

(h/t @caff via Business Insider)

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