I’ll be quite old then, so perhaps won’t even have the ability to touch, shout or finger my way around technology like I can now. However, I’ll be safe in the knowledge that at the ripe old age of 62 there will be lots of interesting technology out there which will have evolved from the stuff we are playing around with now.

Don’t be alarmed though, each of these nodes are linked into a wikipedia entry allowing you to understand what it is we will all be staring dumbly at in 2040…

Joking apart, Michell Zappa at Envisioning Tech has done a fantastic job of nailing this and making it easy (as possible) to understand. (click on the image to see the whole thing) 

Original Post: http://digigen.co.uk/2012/04/10/technology-set-to-evolve-and-confuse-until-2040