Get ready for interview guest to challenge everything you thought you knew about customer centricity! Peter Fader is the Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the author of the book, Customer Centricity.


Peter works with firms from a wide range of industries, such as consumer packaged goods, interactive media, financial services, retailing, and pharmaceuticals — and his expertise centers around the analysis of behavioral data to understand and forecast customer shopping/purchasing activities.
In this interview, Peter:
  • distinguishes between customer-friendly and customer-centric companies
  • outlines the problems with providing “super-super customer service” to every customer
  • describes the difference between growth through customer equity and brand equity
Take a listen and then check out the book. Also you can continue the dialogue with Peter via email at faderp AT wharton DOT upenn DOT edu or through Twitter @faderp