Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

They say you save the best for last. And this time they were right. Jay Baer ended the first day of MarketingSherpa’s B2B Summit in San Francisco with a memorable keynote. Now, I am trying to write this pretty quick so you will just get the important pieces.

Why? Well, Jay’s presentation is being followed by happy hour.So here are the “can’t forget” highlights from the presentation:

  • Your customers are using social media- it’s a myth to think they are not. B2B companies who ignore it are missing opportunities to interact with their customers and prospects.
  • Search is a big deal, and social media is important to fuel search success. Want people on your website? Get social.
  • B2C and B2B social media aren’t that different. It’s just some of the tactics that are different. 

  • Social media is not about lead acquisition, it’s about lead and customer nurturing. Why? Because people need to ‘opt-in’ to see what you post socially. Right? They only follow you if they know you- so thinking of it simply as lead acquisition is not the best approach.
  • Even if people aren’t talking about you in social media you still need to participate. What’s differing is you will need something to talk about, so you need to start by creating content.

  • If people are talking about you in social media, you cannot ignore their complaints. According to Jay, most complaints on Twitter go unanswered. Don’t let this happen to your brand.
  • Free your content- and put it up all over the web. Get the word out. Don’t hide your content behind forms.
  • Break up your content into bite size pieces. This will allow you to spread the word more, and will give the search engines lots to share.
  • Do more with your content than having a social media page. It’s about how you interact on it, not that you have it.
  • Don’t measure social media marketing success by website visits. There are better ways, like leads generated, or by looking at Net Promoter Score for those connected to you in social media and those that are not.

Okay, so that’s it in my words. But here is the summary slide from Jay:

Now, like I said, I’m off to happy hour. But if you are hungry for more, check out the presentation from the session. It rocked. Or, make him extra happy and go buy his book- The Now Revolution. If you were at this MarketingSherpa event you’re leaving with a copy of your own. Thanks MarketingSherpa!

Disclosure: Jay has done some marketing programs with Marketo and I thought he was a cool guy even before the presentation. I did not receive compensation for this post, but am open to him, or anyone, mailing me money and gifts. 

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