Check out this great little video, by Aaron Trinder, on how designers or creative people work within a space and how this may impact how we design desks in the future. Some food for thought?

If you can’t see the video above, please click on this link.

Suitably inspired, I though I might also share my space at home with you. It’s mid way between clean and cluttered. I’m a working pile kind of person as you can see with the stacks of mail, books I’m reading and a sketchbook etc. on the right.

Up top (not in the picture) we have two shelves of books. I’ve got a broadband modem, jacked into my laptops for maximum speed, seated next to a bank of power plugs. I’ve also got a bag of munchies for my late night cravings. Yes it’s 12.13 am here.

Via: Herman Miller

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