Working on a theme for a new slideshow I found that the questions I end with on the final slide of my last presentation, Outside – the future is not in front of us, really do make up for some good, albeit simplistic, but foundational questions for forcing new conceptual thoughts.

1. How do we create members instead of customers?

The obvious question is; why are so many companies treating their obvious members as customers (example: people paying a monthly mortgage, or gym, mobile etc. are sold to once and then left on their own..) And, why aren’t companies with single sold products exploring the more financially salient route of subscription models and memberships?

2. How do we create loyalty nobody can take from you?

How do we build services and business models with such valuable features other companies aren’t able to match?

3. How do we deliver on our brand promise?

How do we utilize the one identifiable and unique thing about our company in order to differentiate ourselves in everything we do?

4. How do we earn money doing things that didn’t exist five years ago?

People have job titles that didn’t exist five years ago, people are doing things online they didn’t know existed five years ago – are businesses reflecting this trend?

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