We often talk about the future as something linear, directly in front of us. We are giving ourselves the impression that we are operating within some kind of limited space, where in order to make room for new stuff, old stuff has to disappear – or be killed.


But this is not the case...

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The future is not in front of us, its outside. And new stuff emerging is creating more opportunities, and affecting, not killing of, old opportunities.

The “linear” mindset is corrupting our conversations and ideas. We refer to new technology as upgraded versions of something old (web 2.0 and 3.0). And try to understand everything within the context of what we already know – which is limiting our perception and ability to see great new things.

I think online is stuck, more so than the music and publishing industry. And the reason is that we haven’t moved since the land slide emergence of dialogue and participation some four to five years ago. We are still thinking of all this new technology within the framework of the stuff that existed, and what people/businesses did, ten years ago.

Which means we are missing out.

We are seeing the beginning of what will become connected societies, what we are going to experience the next five years will be bigger than the stuff that has happened the last fifteen – but this demands that we understand how new stuff creates completely new opportunities.

Outside” suggests the road map to the beginning of a different digital future, which is already here, and wants to help agencies and business see the range of opportunities arising.

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Image by: Juska Wendland

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