If your business is being impacted by "social" in some way shape or form, then this should be significant goal for you as you take on the challenges change brings. We're past the theory now. Teaching still plays an important role. Strategy is not optional. Implementation is where the rubber hits the road. Everything you plan on doing this year should move the needle somehow. Moving the needle can take various forms:

Something launched

Consensus was achieved

Money was made

Money was saved

Time was saved

Time was well spent

Innovation happened

Something was built

Opinions changed (for the benefit of your business)

Good things were said about you

People were helped

A situation was improved

Your product shipped

You changed the industry

You changed yourself

You made a difference

The difference you made mattered

Think about what you need to move the needle this year. Hint: it's bigger than Facebook followers and Twitter retweets. Good business means doing something valuable. You only know this if you've moved the needle and others have felt the effect of your efforts.

Original Post: http://darmano.typepad.com/logic_emotion/2011/01/its-time-to-move-the-needle.html

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