Guest Post by: Tim Fowler

When I head out to conferences and seminars, the value for me often is not so much in the content of the event itself, but more with the surprising people you meet and their great stories and anecdotes about social media.

One such person that I met was Roberto Hortal Munoz, the eBusiness Director for RSA Emerging Markets. He has a great interest in social media for financial services and over a brief lunchtime chat he told me about Poland’s first financial services social networking game, “National Driving Test”, that was created by  Link4 – part of the RSA group and the market leader for direct insurance in Poland.

RSA’s National Driving Test game was launched in February this year on Poland’s equivalent of Facebook, Nasza-Klasa. Nasza-Klasa has 14 million active members and 16 million online users.

The Driving Test  game works by asking players 10 questions about driving habits and their knowledge of  car insurance. Players are allocated a driver profile depending on the response to their question. The six different driver profiles are inspired by, and aligned to, RSA’s consumer segmentation. The driver profile badge is displayed on their page for all their friends to see:

Depending on the player’s answers at the end of the game the player is then directed to relevant, targeted RSA insurance product information that relates to the answers they have given during the game.

So in a fun, engaging way the game serves to highlight the benefits of Link4’s driving insurance. It’s obviously working as Link4’s  social driving game has achieved some great headline results, including 10,000  users requesting an insurance quote during the first seven days of going live.

You can read more about the campaign, as well as find more information about Roberto Hortal Munoz, on his blog at

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